tupeloTupelo (American White Wood)

Other Names:
Water Tupelo

Tupelo is cut principally as lumber for shipping containers, furniture, Cigar or tobacco boxes, pallets, crates, baskets, and floors and platforms that are subject to heavy wear. . It is also used in railway ties and as pulp.

Availability:                                                                                        4%of the total supply of all kinds in southern States.

Heartwood is light brownish-gray and merges gradually into the lighter colored sapwood, which is generally several inches wide.

Tupelo grows principally in the coastal regions of the Southeastern U.S. and along the lower Mississippi Valley. About two-thirds of the production of tupelo lumber is from the Southern states. Slightly more than half of this timber is in North Carolina,  Georgia and Louisiana.

Physical Properties:
The wood has fine, uniform texture and interlocking grain. Tupelo wood is rated as moderately heavy (35lbs./cu.ft.), moderately hard and stiff, and moderately high in shock resistance. It has a long fiber for a hardwood, averaging 2.0 mm in length. Because of interlocked grain, tupelo lumber requires slow process in drying.

Specific Gravity: 0.48 (12% M.C.)                                                     Average Weight: 555 KG/CBM (12% M.C.)                                   Modulus of Elasticity: 11308 MPa                                                   Hardness: 3780 N

Working Properties: Machining: 75%                                                                          Nailing: 75%                                                                                  Screwing: 75%                                                                                              Gluing: 50%                                                                                          Finishing: 100%

Sapwood is ideal substitute of Hard Maple, Soft Maple. Can be well furnished to Cherry finish so it’s widely used as substitute of Brazil White Wood and color-sorted American Yellow Poplar.